Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Songbaby?

Songbaby first started out as a company of friends who enjoy making music with one another. It soon evolved to making music for people who wanted to have the experience of their own personalized song.

What is a personalized song?

A personalized song is a gift – just for you. You can pen the lyrics (however you want) and we create the melody and get singers to sing your song.

Can you write the lyrics for us?

Yes, we can assist you in writing the lyrics. However, this would mean that you would need to give us a clear idea of why you want this song (for an anniversary, to celebrate a special occasion, to surprise someone special) and we will put on our lyrical whimsical hat and help you out with the words. Upon your approval, we will then get our production team on board to complete the song.

Can we sing the song?

Most definitely. We would love to work with you to create your personalized song. You can record your singing using the voice recording app in your phone and send it to us. Don’t worry if you’re a good singer or not. Sometimes, the best gift comes from the heart (not the throat). So, sing from your heart and we will work our magic on it.

What are your different packages available?

We have the basic package which is a song that lasts 90seconds (1 ½ minutes). The format would typically be an intro, verse, chorus and outro.

The deluxe package is a 3 min 30 second song. The format would typically be an intro, verse, chorus, verse 2, chorus and outro. This is common with the length of a radio-friendly song. 

The bespoke package is personalized on your requirement. This may include a longer song or songs that may need more than one singer. Contact us before you order the bespoke package.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer a refund policy. We create all our songs as we would for our own loved ones so we treat each song with tender loving care. We will send you a draft of the song for your confirmation before we mix and master the song. We will be able to provide one revision before we mix and master the song. However, revisions after we mix and master the song will be charged. Please contact us if you need revisions after we mix and master the song to discuss the changes and the additional costs.

How do you create a personalized song?

Our creative flow takes time (it can take up to 12 hours, or even more). 

Step 1: We would want to connect with you over a phone call or texting/emailing to connect with what this song is about and who this song is for.

Step 2: We would then come up with a few melodies according to the genre that you have stated and write a basic arrangement with either guitar or piano.

Step 3: Our singer would then sing the melody according to the melody created. We will layer the song with several instrumentations – guitar, keys, percussion.

Step 4: We would send out the draft for your confirmation.

Step 5: Upon your confirmation, we would then polish the track by adding more instrumentations and proceed to the mixing and mastering stage.

How long will you take to deliver?

It will take one week to deliver the personalized song. We take effort to maintain a high level of care and quality with the song production.

How will I receive the song?

You will receive the song in the form of a digital gift card that will be emailed to you. The digital gift card contains a QR code that you can scan and listen to the song. The QR code will also allow you to download the song and there you have it, a personalized song that is forever yours.

Will any two songs be the same?

Each personalized song is unique, just like your fingerprints. No two songs will be the same. The personalized song that you receive will be specially for you.